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In need of some certainty about one of life’s most important questions? We are here to help you get past doubt with completely confidential paternity testing services. For more than 30 years, The DNA Clinic has been a nationwide leader in genetic testing. We guarantee the quality of our results combined with speed, convenience and accuracy. Our advanced laboratory and certified staff can find a paternity probability result of either 99.99% or 0%. There will no longer be any doubt after using The DNA Clinic services.

We Provide DNA Testing for:

  • Legal Paternity Test
  • Informational Paternity Test
  • DNA Immigration Test
  • Ancestral Origins Test
  • Forensics Test
  • Genetic Predisposition

Schedule your DNA test at one of our local clinics when it's most convenient for you. For legal DNA tests, we'll schedule an appointment for you at a nearby clinic, or send a mobile collector to you.

The DNA Clinic performs accurate and easy DNA tests to get the certainty you need fast. Whether you need proof for a legal situation, or just want to know where your ancestors originated, we can provide you with the true genetic answers.

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